4034 - Senior Façade Consultant - New York City

September 2017
Knippers Helbig New York office is seeking a creative and ambitious full time Senior Facade Consultant with 5-10 years’ experience.

The duties include the technical development of architecturally demanding curtain walls and challenging special facades mainly in the US; as well as the coordination with architects, clients and contractors.


You should have an interest to work closely in - and potentially lead a small group within Knippers Helbig.


Software skills in AutoCAD, Rhino 3D, MS office as Therm are expected.


Employment starting at the earliest, preferably September 2017.


Please apply directly via email applications@knippershelbig.com and submit your CV along with your short portfolio as PDF.

Please mark you application with the Code No. 4034.


For questions please contact Roman Schieber, +49 711 248393 678