Recognition ,Central Library'

Construction of the new Central and Regional Library Berlin
Studio di Architettura MOTTA-STAPENHORST
Studio di Architettura MOTTA-STAPENHORST

The competition entry was awarded one of the nine prizes of equal merit.
Extracts from the jury’s appraisal:
Sitting proudly near the runway, the Central and Regional Library Berlin (ZLB) – a 60 m tall, 222 m long and only 27m deep "slab" – forms a prominent urban landmark. (...)
The building is simply and clearly arranged in terms of both structural frame and circulation cores, allowing flexible use of the individual levels despite some minor constraints imposed by the low plan depth. (…)
The structural rigidity is expertly broken up and mitigated by several interior voids, up to six storeys high and partly offset. (…)
The facade composition is well-ordered and coherent: the disposition of the transparent strip windows and large openings is geared to the internal occupancies, which it subtly enhances. (...)
The top section of the building, separated from the underlying, dark-glazed public areas by the glass "joint" of the backroom spaces, is completely blank and covered by a light-coloured PTFE membrane. (…)