Opening Ceremony Remstal Gartenschau 2019



In the course of the opening of the Remstalgartenschau 2019 on May 10, 2019, three new crossings of the type 'Stuttgarter Holzbrücke' were also handed over to the communities of Weinstadt and Urbach. The bridges with spans between 16m and 38m link together cycling and hiking trails in Remstal and are embedded in the concept of sustainable development of the region. The three bridges are the first solid wood bridges in integral construction. The completely prefabricated glulam body is monolithically connected to the concrete abutments. The bridge decking consists of slender, carbon fiber-reinforced fine-grain concrete slabs whose joints are sealed with lead wool using traditional craftsmanship. This new type of bridge was developed, planned and implemented by the consortium “Stuttgarter Holzbrücke”, a collaboration between Knippers Helbig and Cheret Bozic Architekten.

Image: © Knippers Helbig