1st prize pedestrian and cycle bridge

Redesign of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Leitenbach river
Gustav Düsing
Team: Gustav Düsing with Studio Erde (Marcel Tröger) and knippershelbig

The Community of Gundelsheim is planning to demolish an existing timber footbridge over the Leitenbach and replace it with a new pedestrian and bicycle connection. The new bridge will shape the townscape and is an essential building block in the
building ensemble with Spezerei, Old Town Hall, St. Mark's Church on the one hand and library with forecourt on the other.
knippershelbig aims to connect the north and south of Gundelsheim by a new, multifunctional and durable integral bridge.

The restrained, material-efficient steel structure is achieved by two load-bearing integral ribs that also serve as street furniture. By integrating seating, a temporary roof, and water access points, our goal is to create a new central space for gatherings and events.