Adidas HalfTime

Multifunctional building with filigree facade and concrete structure
adidas Group
COBE Kopenhagen
Cobe / Knippers Helbig

The Adidas family under one roof. That is the guiding principle of the new Adidas Group building in Herzogenaurach called “Meet & Eat” which serves both as a meeting and event facility as well as including a staff restaurant in the form of a food court and space for a promotional shop.
The diamond-shaped floor plan has an area of about 7000 m². The ceiling in the public area of the ground floor is about 7 m high.
The building is characterised by its distinctive roof structure. Two-meter-high concrete beams support the roof and serve as a structured filter for the daylight entering from above. The edge of the roof extends far outwards, allowing the building interior and parkland to interact with each other. The structure rests on fixed wall panels which also support the vertical media.
The high-resolution filigree glass facade is characterised by its right-angular folds which also contribute to its own stability. Skylight strips allow light to enter directly from overhead, thereby creating a bright and friendly ambience of high quality.