Boulevard Arch Sculpture

State Construction Company
J. Mayer H. Architects

Lazika is a new city in Georgia located on the Black Sea coast. The one hundred meter long Lazika Pier with its 31 meter high landmark sculpture is one of the first structures to mark the beginning of the development of this new metropolis. The sculpture designed by German architect Jürgen Mayer H. is consisting of stacked oval elements – so called blobs – organized in seven levels. The blobs are subdivided into vertical plain levels running in orthogonal direction with a distance of 90cm. In respect to the exposed position, tough requirements concerning corrosion resistance and a pretty tight timetable for design, fabrication and erection the structure steel has been chosen as building material. The sculpture is consisting out of steel plates with a thickness of 5-8 mm. Elements composed of laser-cut plates have been pre-fabricated within a site workshop and installed using mobile cranes. Exterior and interior lighting features will provide a dynamic and pulsating look to the sculpture. Design Phase started mid of April 2012, ground was broken in June - the structure has been finished beginning of November 2012.