Crystalline, folded glass facade
SIGNA Real Estate Management Germany GmbH
Gewers & Pudewill
Gewers & Pudewill

The office building is located between Franklinstr. and the Spree River. It opens up towards the water and to the inner courtyard in a highly transparent fashion and with a crystalline-like folding. Towards the street and the neighboring properties, it ends with a clinker facade.
The six upper floors facing the courtyard are staggered in such a way that diamond-shaped balconies are created, which allow exits through large-format sliding doors on all levels. The facade consists of a one story-high mullion-and-transom construction with equally high glazing.
Specially developed mullion profiles allow all occurring angles to be implemented using identical cross-sections, visually continuous cover strips, and uniform drainage levels.
Natural ventilation is possible via top-hinged outward-tilting windows, which are inserted flush into the facade, just like the all-glass railings of the terraces. The key challenge lies in achieving the optimum balance between transparency, sun protection, and bird protection.