Gothenburg Cable Car

cable car structurer, stations and up to 115m high masts, truss structurer out of span concrete tubes
City of Gothenburg
UNStudio with Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB
Plompmozes / UNStudio

Gothenburg is located on the western coast of the main branch of the Göta älv river, where the river flows into the Baltic Sea. In 2021, Gothenburg will celebrate its 400th birthday. A cable car is being built as a gift to the city, connecting the districts north and south of the river. The signature feature of the cable car are the 115m tall masts, which will be a significant contribution to the skyline of the city. Five stations and six masts at main traffic junctions will be built either as part of new structures or placed in the middle of a dock. The towers are designed as trusses, minimizing the material requirement and achieving a delicate and slender appearance. The truss rods are assembled from prefabricated spun concrete profiles. The spinning process produces hollow profiles made of high-strength concrete that are virtually maintenance and corrosion free, with the cross-sectional shape developed based on static and dynamic wind loads. In addition, high loads from road and boat traffic were taken into account.