Parking Garage Schwanenweg

5-story open parking garage in timber construction
Stadtbauamt Wendlingen
Herrmann + Bosch Architekten
Herrmann + Bosch Acrhitekten

The municipal building authority is planning the construction of a new multi-story parking lot with integrated bicycle parking and connection to a new hotel building in Wendlingen, Germany, located directly adjacent to the Neckar River. The building’s external dimensions of approx. 57x42 m offer about 440 car parking spaces, 170 bicycle parking spaces, 40 bicycle boxes, 12 e-bike charging stations and a repair point. The rounded floor plan includes five open parking levels above ground (i.e. one ground floor and four upper floors) with a central ramp system. The construction design envisages a maximum proportion of timber while observing the principles for constructive wood protection and avoiding any direct weathering. The parking levels are planned as cross-laminated timber panels on glulam beams. The columns are conceived in timber inside and where they are behind a façade, and in steel elsewhere. The use of solid wood materials can significantly improve serviceability compared to standard reinforced concrete or steel structures. The roadway can be implemented very economically as a bituminous pavement.