PNC Bank Sculpture

ESI Design
United States
Tim Bishop + Parallel Development

The 30-foot tall hanging sculpture designed by New York City based ESI Design is located within the lobby of the PNC Tower in Pittsburgh, USA.

The ´beacon´ consists of solid ø3/16“ aluminum vertical spines, held together with aluminum hoops, and comprises 1,584 transparent liquid crystal polycarbonate panels backed with a grid of LED lights creating a striking and unique media canvas.
By interacting with the building sensors to gather performance data, the ´Beacon´ expresses, in real time, by actively displaying different colors to demonstrate how the building uses fresh air and sunlight to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and to create a comfortable and healthy work environment. The display also indicates how the building is recycling water and how much of The Tower’s waste is being diverted from the landfill.
Knippers Helbig consulted on the structural design of the sculpture, and carried out structural, detailed and performance design. Furthermore, air flow tests to verify the structural and performance behavior under air ventilation have been coordinated and performed successfully.