Porsche Design Tower

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The Porsche Design Tower Stuttgart and the new Porsche centre are being built at the Pragsattel in Stuttgart.

The property company Design Tower Stuttgart mbH is building the Porsche Design Tower Stuttgart, which will have approx. 16,230 m² of above-ground floor space, on its own plot and Porsche Deutschland GmbH is building the Porsche Center.

Standing at approx. 90 m, the tower will be built with 25 above-ground floors for offices and hotel areas, including a restaurant, bar, conference and fitness area, as well as three additional basement floors. The Porsche Design Tower Stuttgart has a total of 134 underground parking spaces.

Offices are planned for the 2nd to 8th floors, and floors 9-23 have been leased to Radisson Hotels Deutschland GmbH on a long-term basis.

The building shell on the typical floors consists of a unizized double skin facade with curved glass at the corners, as well as steel facades in large span areas.