Timber Bridges Gartenschau 2019

Integral wooden bridge - awarded the German Timber Construction Award 2017
Knippers Helbig + Cheret Bozic
Knippers Helbig / ©wilfried-dechau.de

The innovative solid wood bridges opened in Weinstadt and Urbach during the course of the Remstal Garden Show in May 2019 are the first application of a research and development project sponsored by the Cluster Holz BW in cooperation with partners from research and industry. The three bridges in Remstal are the world's first integral, therefore without joints and bearings, wooden bridges.
The superstructure of block-glued laminated timber is rigidly connected to the reinforced concrete abutments: glued-in threaded rods and a contact joint over the contact surface realize a quasi-monolithic transition.
The stepped laminated timber beam formed corresponding to the torque path is protected against direct weathering by the flooring and sealed on the top side with a vapor-permeable film in the ventilated space. Sensors for permanent moisture monitoring are installed in the solid wood structure at relevant points.
Large-sized, seven centimeter thin sheets of textile concrete were used as a floor covering - as also, for the first time in this application, the entire bridge type.
The carbon fiber reinforcement is extremely durable, which promises a significantly longer life compared to conventional solutions of the highly stressed flooring. (Carbon reinforced cover plate: Solidian)