Tram Station Roof

Rhine pebbles built in reinforced concrete
Stadtverwaltung Kehl
J.Mayer.H Architects
J.Mayer.H / Frank Dinger / Stadt Kehl

In 2017 J. Mayer H. Architects won the architectural competition to design the ‘Rathausplatz’ (town hall square) in Kehl, Germany. Oval discs of reinforced concrete symbolize Rhine pebbles and thus the close connection between the cities of Strasbourg and Kehl.
Two reinforced concrete roofs seem to balance on two “pebbles” each. Particular importance was attached to ensuring that the connection between the load-bearing reinforced concrete “pebbles” and the slabs lying on them was designed and constructed as slim as possible, creating a sense of lightness despite their strong contours.
The decisive, yet invisible feature is the inner tubular steel construction, which is rigidly integrated into the roof structure by means of welded brackets and reinforcement bars. It is also an efficient solution for internal drainage.

In order to achieve a high visual and technical quality of the free formed exposed concrete ”pebbles” and benches, these were prefabricated in the factory. Due to their size and the simplified geometry, the roofs were constructed from in-situ concrete.