United States Institute of Peace

Freeform steel-glass Gridshell construction
United States Institute of Peace / Seele GmbH
Moshe Safdie and Associates
United States
Washington DC

The New Headquarter Building of the United States Institute of Peace, contains office rooms, research facilities including a library and archives, a modern conference center and an interactive educational center dedicated to the theme of peacemaking. The building is organized around two atria fanning out from a corner entrance – one facing the Potomac River, the other the Mall and the Lincoln Memorial.
The atria are roofed by undulating spherical and toroidal wing-like elements constructed of steel frames (“South Roof” and “North Roof”). Furthermore four vertical facades are located between the concrete building parts. The North Roof covers the atrium between the concrete building part A and B. Vertically the atrium is closed by a facade structure (“CW-2”) which is located underneath the North Roof. Vertically both structures are decoupled. The South roof covers the atrium between the concrete building part B and C. The front part of the roof is supported by the vertical facade “CW-1” which is horizontally supported by a tied arch.