University of Applied Arts

Multilayer ETFE membrane facade, structural glazing and reinstatement of existing high rise facade
BIG, Vienna - AT
Wolfgang Tschapeller

As part of the renovation of the building complex, the existing 35m high and 80m long university building will receive a second facade on the north-west side. This will stretch as a membrane and steel/glass construction like a skin over the entire useable space and a so-called Broadway – a wide flight of stairs connecting all floors. A net structure in front of the building, stretched between spars at the top edge of the building and the ground, forms the supporting substructure for the new 4-layer ETFE membrane facade. Stairwells, lifts and meeting rooms in the atrium behind are framed with structural glazing, some with EI90 fire-resistant glazing, some curved. Compex accoustic and fire prtoeciton requirements have to be considered.
The existing facade towards the curtyard will be reinstated including all aspects of accustic and thermal performance as well as E30 fire protection.
Temporary pneumatic balloons on roof platforms form spectacular landmarks high above the rooftops of Vienna for special events at the university. The courtyards are covered by overhead glazing.