Walkway Margaretengürtel

Free-form frame structure of laminated timber girders
Stadt Wien, Magistrat 19, 29 - AT
Knight Architects
Competition and preliminary design

To enhance the quality of the location St. Margarethen the city of Vienna is planning to build a bridge as a connection between the existing park and a landscape architecture yet to be designed. The independent free-formed frame structure creates a venue of striking identity. With a gradient of under 4 degrees the bridge meets the needs of cyclists and the handicapped alike. A good public view, an harmonious path layout as well as excellent illumination both above and below the bridge make it readily accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. Due to a systematic use of large quantities of the locally available CO2 store timber, and a low processing depth, the footbridge, comprising a free-formed structure of laminated timber girders, results in an positive CO2 balance and the integral view of Energy in terms of grey energy and efficiency of recycling. The semi-integral bridge structure has been designed as continuous beam with cross sections of variable height and shape. The landing is connected to the columns. The bridge structure comprises a solid glue-laminated timber structure in block bond with a load-bearing core made of fir wood and an exterior cladding of larch wood. The lateral surfaces are protected by sufficient overlapping and a hydrophobe glazing.