The Wharf WB1 Structure

Hollwich Kushner, NYC
United States
Washington D.C.
Rendering by HWKN. Courtesy of The Wharf

The Wharf Water Building 1, designed by HWKN, is part of a 24-acre urban development along the District of Columbia’s southwest waterfront, expanding on a stretch along the historic Washington Channel. The Wharf Marina is a two-story, mixed-use public building with a club serving the marina at ground floor, a restaurant on the second floor, and an outdoor terrace at roof level.
The building is structurally very expressive - it features a large exoskeleton-like AESS ‘truss’ along the perimeter; the second floor of the building is suspended from girders that span from the inner core of the building to the perimeter AESS. As a result, the façade and primary structure is visually lightweight.
The Wharf Water Building 1 consists of a two-story glass façade, which can be partially opened in good weather conditions. To facilitate this, sliding glass elements of up to 4.1 m height were integrated into a stick-built façade system. Another challenge was posed by the structure penetrating the thermal envelope, which resulted in a tailored construction consisting of thermally separated steel profiles.