Transparency, Lightness and Functionality


Design and structural analysis of the steel and glass dome of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures


Architecture with prefabricated concrete elements


Bridges: Potentials and Perspectives


Ceramic Composite for the State Opera House


Reminiscence of industrial and architectural history - Trumpf Smart Factory, Chicago


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, LA


Uber Mission Bay Campus


Fibre Composites in the Building Industry


More Is Less – The Integral Mass Timber Bridge


Neuer Brückenschlag in der HafenCity


10 Years Facade Engineering by Knippers Helbig


Walkable steel roof structure


Innovative Things - Opera House Berlin


The digitization in the building industry is a chance


New Pipe Organ for the Basilica in Trier


Pedestrian Bridge made from Carbon-Concrete


Flächiges Gewebe trägt Carbonbetonbrücke


Segmented Granite Vault in Cambridge


Faserverbundwerkstoffe im Bauwesen


Baukultur ist ...unberechenbar


Shenzhen BAO’AN International Airport


Shenzhen International Airport Terminal 3


Wooden Bridge Prototypes


Fuß- und Radwegstege in der Neuen Bahnstadt Opladen


A tube ? No, an event landscape!


The simplification of the complexities


Themenpavillon „One Ocean“ EXPO 2012 in Yeosu, Korea


From Model Thinking to Process Design


Pérez Art Museum Miami – Hurrikan resistente Verglasung


Roofs and facades of United States Institue of Peace


Themenpavillon EXPO 2012 in Yeosu


Lincoln Center Canopies – Performance in Glass


Consisting of GFRP louvers


New Terminal 3 for Shenzhen Bao’an Airport


Breaking out of model thinking


Lincoln Center Canopies, Glasbau 2012


Werkstattbericht Knippers Helbig


Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes


Glass - Transparent and Multifunctional


Digital Process Chain